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雅思口语:a piece of furniture

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  如果让雅思考生们投票选出最恶心的Part 2话题,那么a piece of furniture绝对在Top 3里面!很多小朋友看到这个话题都是一脸懵,甚至开始分不清什么是furniture。按照字典上的解释,furniture就是objects that can be moved, such as tables, chairs and beds, that are put into a house or an office to make it suitable for living or working in. 所以电视机应该不算是家具而是家电吧……
  I'd like to talk about the massage sofa in our living room.
  My mom got it for my dad, 'cause he's an office worker who has to sit in front of the computer for a long time every day, his neck and back always hurts. Going to get a massage is a good way to release/alleviate the pain, but my father doesn't have the time to go there often. So my mom thought it might be a good idea to get a massage sofa at home.
  The sofa has a leather cover, and about this big. And interestingly, although it is a 'new-comer', it matches great with other pieces of furniture and the decoration style in the living room. Basically it just looks like a regular sofa, nothing special, but once you press a button, the magic happens. I mean, the sofa becomes alive, it's just like a real person giving you a massage. From your head, to neck, and then to your back, every muscle is relaxed. I always find my dad falling asleep sitting in that sofa.
  This piece of furniture is really 'busy' every day, I mean, the three of us would take turns to enjoy the massage. So when we are at home, the sofa wouldn't stop working. Luckily, the quality of this sofa is pretty good, otherwise it would have broken down by now.


  massage = the action of rubbing and pressing a person's body with the hands to reduce pain in the muscles and joints 例如:
  Massage will help the pain.
  a back massage
  to give somebody a massage
  massage oils
  Once a week I have a sauna and a massage.
  alleviate = to make something less severe = ease例如:
  to alleviate suffering
  A number of measures were taken to alleviate the problem.
  new-comer = a person who has only recently arrived in a place or started an activity 例如:
  It's a friendly place where older residents and newcomers mix well.
  a newcomer to opera
  take turns = (in something / to do something) (BrE also take it in turns) if people take turns or take it in turns to do something, they do it one after the other to make sure it is done fairly 例如:
  The male and female birds take turns in sitting on the eggs.
  We take it in turns to do the housework.
  The kids took turns on the swing.
  break down = (of a machine or vehicle) to stop working because of a fault 例如:
  The telephone system has broken down.
  We (= the car) broke down on the freeway.

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